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Butterfly Charm

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Elevate your Italian bracelet with the delicate beauty of our "Butterfly" Charm. Crafted with intricate detail and adorned with graceful elegance, this charm captures the enchanting allure of these winged wonders. Symbolizing transformation, renewal, and the beauty of life's journey, the butterfly charm serves as a timeless reminder of growth and resilience. Whether as a symbol of personal metamorphosis or a tribute to the fleeting beauty of nature, wear this charm proudly to inspire grace, joy, and the spirit of exploration in every moment.

Metal color

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Mikel Bins

Super beautiful, I recommend it a lot, some charms are not made of steel, stirring putting transparent varnish so that they do not get ugly, outside of that perfect💋

America Reichel

Cute pendant, fast shipping, I also got it free, I highly recommend the seller, I will certainly order something again!

Herminia Fahey

They are incredibly beautiful and cute, much more than in the photos, if they can be armed with hands but it is much more difficult, I recommend asking for the little thing that helps you do it! They arrived super fast, very well packaged and also came an extra gift!🤍I recommend 200% I cannot stop buying more…

Juliet Klein

I loved it, it's too cute I loved how detailed the colors are beautiful and I emanate from everything🥐❤️

Joana Robel

I'm not easily in love, but you have a different mortar🕷️💋