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Pink O charm

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Elevate your style with our Pink "O" Charm, a delightful addition to any bracelet. Crafted with vibrant pink enamel and elegant detailing, this charm exudes sophistication and charm. Whether it's a symbol of your name, a special initial, or simply a pop of color to your collection, our Pink "O" Charm adds a touch of personal flair to your jewelry. Perfect for customizing your bracelet, creating initials or monograms, or as a standalone statement of style, our Pink "O" Charm is a cherished addition that radiates timeless elegance with every glance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Janae Dickens

Excellent quality the best in Italian charms, and send you one gift🥰

Buster Kutch

The attachment apparatus did not come out of it, but it is a tactic by watching the videos. My products are complete and they came in Super quality. Thank you for the gift :)

Thaddeus Hilll

Super beautiful, I recommend it a lot, some charms are not made of steel, stirring putting transparent varnish so that they do not get ugly, outside of that perfect💋

Rey Rutherford

Suuper pretty, everyone chulean me and says “stainless steel” back then I hope it doesn't fend, it looks good quality and goes with everything :)

Onie Langosh

I loved it, it's too cute I loved how detailed the colors are beautiful and I emanate from everything❤️‍🔥